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HEIC to JPEG Converter

By May 18, 2023No Comments

Project Overview

Role: UI/UX Designer, Frontend Developer
Date: Q4 2021
Tools: Figma, Visual Studio Code
Technologies: JavaScript/Vue.js, HTML, CSS/SCSS, PHP/Wordpress

iPhone devices take photos in HEIC format by default.  This HEIC Converter allows iPhone users to convert HEIC photos to JPEG.

Problem Statement

Sometimes, when attempting to upload photos to a website, the website will not allow you to upload the photo because it is HEIC format.  Alternative HEIC to JPEG converting websites have poor user experiences, look sketchy, or both.

Roles & Responsibilities

I took on this project alone; researching, prototyping, and implementing it in just a few days.  Prototyping was completed in Figma, and the product was implemented utilizing Vue.js within a WordPress plugin.