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Project Overview

Role: UI/UX Designer, Full Stack Developer
Date: 2020
Tools: Adobe XD, Visual Studio Code, Skype
Technologies: JavaScript/Vue.js, HTML, CSS/SCSS, Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB

ChurchOrbiter is a WYSIWIG app designer for churches.  Churches can style their apps with custom colors, create posts and events, send push notifications to their congregation, and embed rich content onto pages in the app.

Problem Statement

Many existing app builders designed for churches suffer from issues such as excessive complexity, unintuitive user interfaces, and limited flexibility in terms of visual customization to align with the unique identity of each church.

Roles & Responsibilities

I was the sole contributor to the research, prototyping, and front end development on this project.  I prototyped the product in Adobe XD, and implemented the frontend utilizing Vue.js.